Ultra precise lab testing using small volume blood collection


We have designed an advanced small volume blood testing platform based on proven lab equipment. Our platform can process patient samples that contain just several drops of patient blood, and produce results that are as accurate as traditional lab tests.


We have partnered with CLIA-Certified Laboratories to ensure high quality and precise sample testing. The CLIA lab standard requires our lab, technicians and testing equipment to meet stringent qualifications and standards.

Scientists working in a laboratory
Scientist using machine to analyze sample

Lab Equipment

We utilize leading edge, ultra precise, and fully automated Microarray and ELISA based lab testing technology. We have further enhanced the testing panels to support small volume blood testing through multiplex biomarker analysis.

Secure Digital Platform

We have built a leading edge and ultra secure HIPAA compliant web-based digital health platform. Our portals allow patients to easily access their health information and share with their health practitioners and specialists.

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